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Burn Tested: Chicken in Strawberry-Rhubarb Salsa

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strawberry rhubarb salsaThat went well. Any time I bust open a jar of fruit salsa, I’m a little skeptical. Mango and peach I understand. When you start throwing berries into the mix with onions and peppers, though, I’m still getting used to the idea. I like fruit salsa but I’m still trying to wrap my noggin around it. At last year’s show Chehalem Ridge Brands gave me four of their fruit salsas to test out. I made some good Jamaican pork burgers with the pineapple. Last night a group of chicken thighs hit the grill slathered in the company’s Swingin’ Strawberry-Rhubarb Salsa. The results came out better than I hoped.

Swingin’ Strawberry-Rhubarb smells like salsa. That’s good because it, um, is a salsa. Between the jalapenos and onions it has the basis needed for a good salsa. When you bite into the stuff, that’s when the surprise hits. Sweetness strikes first, followed by a bit of onion flavor, and finishing with a medium-sized chile sting to the piehole. I would have liked more tartness to it from the rhubarb, but overall I was pretty happy with the stuff.

grilled chickenThe only other issue came from cooking with it. Swingin’ Strawberry-Rhubarb doesn’t have much going on in the salty department. That’s fine if you’re dunking chips in it or using it in a dessert. For meat, though, you’ll want to apply a rub before grilling or add a touch of salt to it if marinating first. Everyone who ate the chicken liked it and that’s the best compliment anyone can give food fresh off the grill.

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