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Video: See the Ad for the Show!

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Earlier this week I told you we were going to talk about the value of marketing your hot sauce. Our own National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show is Exhibit A for my case. We average over 20,000 attendees each year. Not just because it’s a great show (it is) or because we have the Scovie Awards. A big part of why our show performs so well and has been around for 28 years is because Dave DeWitt knows how to get the word out. This year, we’ve kicked up our video presence with our YouTube channel. You may have seen our recipe series on Spicy but there’s also the ad Dave’s buddy Wayne Scheiner created for the show too:

Feelin’ Fiery. Music and Video:
VO Guy and Client: Dave DeWitt, Sunbelt Shows
Written and Produced by Wayne Scheiner
Keyboards, Audio Engineering: Sid Fendley
Shot by Tom Carey and Gary Marsh
Edited by Clark Morris 
Animation by Kelly Lujan
Guitar and Vocals: Chris Dracup
Vocals: Susan Clark
Drums: John Bartlit
Bass: Milo Jaramillo

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