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Candied Yams in Kahlua and Chocolate

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Candied yams being a regular cast member of holiday dinner, I like to play around with them each year. Not like some creepy herbophile, just so we’re clear. I like to change them up when I cook ’em. We did Thanksgiving in a Southwestern theme so I had to find a way to make them fit. The solution: Kahlua, baker’s chocolate, and ground red pepper to set off all of that sweetness. And, coincidentally, keep the little kids from eating them all before the grown up kids had a chance to grab a bite.

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Unique Liqueur Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Sipping

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Contrary to popular belief, Mexican hooch isn’t all about fruity beer, worms, and margaritas. Not that there’d be anything wrong if it were. I’ve spent whole weekends living off of nothing but those three things, and aside from a recurring facial tic and a few flashbacks, I’m fine. Do a little digging and you’ll come across some great distilled treasure. …