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Syrena’s Seduction Jerk Sauce: Burn! Tested

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Usually when someone writes “seduction” and “jerk” in the same sentence, they’re either referring to some jackass who broke their heart, or a date with a bottle of lotion. Not when it comes to the sweet awesome that is Pirate Johnny’s Syrena’s Seduction Hot Sauce, though. It’s a Jamaican jerk-inspired sweet heat that’s long on island flavor with a mild to moderate burn.

Burn! Tested: Pirate Johnny’s Scorching Pirate and Jerk Spice Rubs

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Pirate Johnny’s was a huge hit at last year’s show. Their Caribbean-style rubs went over like butane at a pyromaniac convention. If pyromaniacs had a convention. Which, if they did, would be pretty obvious from the inferno observable from outer space. But this story isn’t about the type of fire that gets you life in prison. It’s about the delicious kind that burns in your mouth the more you eat. Namely, Pirate Johnny’s Hot Jerk Spice Rub and Scorched Pirate BBQ Rub. Both were my pleasure to test for Burn! Blog.

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You’d think that with summer winding down and fall muttering, “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon” as it waits to take over, grilling and barbecue news would take a turn for the mundane. That weird stories of barbecue and hot sauce would go into hibernation, like some gigantic bear with hard arteries and a desperate need for TUMS.