death nut challenge

Meet the Death Nut

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My Death Nut Challenge just arrived in the mail and to be honest, my colon is terrified.
And it should be.

death nut challenge

How bad can it be?

Not only is this five levels of fiery heat hurt condensed into a group of little peanuts, it came with a little rules card for the challenge. You must chew each peanut fully so you get the full effect of the heat, then move on to the next, and repeat. You get nothing to drink or any food or a break or crying time between levels. So much for any vacation plans my machismo might have planned for the rest of the week.
death nut challenge

Uhhh… Ummm…

Unlike when I ride my motorcycle, I’m going to follow the rules to the letter with the Death Nut Challenge. I don’t have any idea how far I’m going to get; to be honest level one isn’t for the meek, seeing as how it starts with a blend of Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper. I’ll be taking the challenge later this week after I update my will. If you want to try it for yourself, you can buy it here or on Amazon.
Or you can just wait a few days and get a good laugh at my expense.

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