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Window Sill Pepper Germinating: Bad Plan

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Pepper seedlings do about as well on a window sill as vampires do in direct sunlight. Okay, not that bad but there are hazards. The big difference being that the amount of available sunlight on the sill decreases as the day goes by from shadows. You also can’t grow too many seedlings on your average window sill. But there’s another problem most of us don’t take into consideration when starting down this path.


Warning: do not set on window sill to germinate.

Yes, those furry little rotters that look so cute crapping in a box full of sand. When they’re not busy chasing laser pointers, barfing up hairballs in your shoes, or trying to get a belly rub when it’s least convenient, cats just love creeping along window sills. They’re also keen on grazing seedlings, which isn’t exactly healthy for your pepper plants. I know this because in my old apartment, my downstairs neighbor’s outdoor cat paid my own window sill a visit and did exactly that. He left a tip in one of the pots, though. Just not the sort you want to go get…
If you want some good advice on growing seedlings in general, check out this story by our own Harald Zoschke at our parent site. Absolutely no felines were harmed in the making of the article.

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