Avocado, Avocado, Avocado

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What can you do with avocado? Better question: what can’t you do with avocado? As I’m sure you know, the avocado is now one of the most popular foods around. We’ve put it to good use ourselves here on the Burn Blog but you’ll find more about this bit of yummy on our sister site, Fiery Foods & Barbecue Central. Case in point: the story we just posted there by José C. Marmolejo. Here’s a quick excerpt to get you started.

avocado ceviche
Oh, yes. This avocado ceviche recipe is in the story, too.

What’s behind this phenomenon? Fertile soil, warm climate, and proximity to the U.S. border added to a desirable fruit flavor (with addictive properties when combined with chiles), for starters. The state of Michoacan is the preeminent producer with the state of Jalisco coming second. But the most notorious characteristic of avocados is that they seem to have been created to be traded. The tree produces a ripening inhibitor; once the fruit is harvested, then it ripens. This permits harvesting “just in time” by the size you need, with all the avocados beginning to mature uniformly on the day you need to ship. It’s almost like a factory!

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