Are Hot Food Vending Machines Going to Take Off?

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Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City may be on to something with its barbecue vending machine. Fresh food vending machines aren’t new but more American restaurants may turn to them to drum up business. Once science beats the Coronavirus into submission, things may or may not go back to normal. In the meantime, people gotta eat and restaurants have to get paid. One way to do that is through vending machines. That said, the first time my burnt end sammich gets jammed up on the way out of a vending machine, daddy’s going to be a tad upset. Here’s a re-enactment of my Dr Pepper incident of 1999.

Diners buy from weird vending machines around the world already. The infrastructure and technology already exist. Having several of the machines at a restaurant would make restocking them with fresh meals easier than having the machines offsite. They cut down on customers waiting in line for pick up. Using them also doesn’t limit business to store hours (provided you’re willing to gamble on thieves breaking into them).

Whether or not more American restaurants start using vending machines remains to be seen. But it’s pretty cool to see a barbecue joint taking the chance on them.

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