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Hot Sauce Deals at iBurn

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If you’ve ever been to a hot sauce show (and if you haven’t, we recommend our ownour own, because we can), you probably know iBurniBurn and James “The Hot Sauce Boss” Beck. The man knows a ton about chile pepper products and his store reflects that. It carries an arsenal of culinary heat ranging from mild salsasmild salsas to searing candysearing candy and beyond.

While we all sit around passing Facebook memes and binge watching porn, it might be a good plan to take a break, see what’s on sale here, and restock on your dwindling collection of hot stuff. Here’s a look at what iBurn has on sale right now. There are lots of other great products on the site too.

Freshies Hot Mary MixFreshies Hot Mary Mix
iburn hot sauce sale
This is the hotter sibling to Freshies Original mix. That’s what happens when you pack fresh Habanero mash to spice things up. It can also substitute as a great steak marinade.

Freshies Ghost Mary Bloody Mary MixFreshies Ghost Mary Bloody Mary Mix
iburn ghost mary mix
Freshies Ghost Mary ups the ante of its habanero mix with Ghost Peppers in this Bloody Mary mix that culls the weak from the herd. It’s designed for the serious chilehead. Bitches need not apply.

Freshies Original Bloody Mary MixFreshies Original Bloody Mary Mix
iburn sauce sale
Freshies Original Bloody Mary Mix utilizes fresh horseradish, garlic, onion, dill and lemon juice. The result: a quintessential foundation aimed at Bloody Mary connoisseurs.

Burns & McCoy Vegan Habanero Ranch DressingBurns & McCoy Vegan Habanero Ranch Dressing
vegan ranch dressing
Burns & McCoy Vegan Habanero Ranch Dressing isn’t just creamy and herbaceous. It’s also vegan, which isn’t something you see too often in a ranch dressing.

Burns & McCoy Especia Rojo Hot SauceBurns & McCoy Especia Rojo Hot Sauce

Burns & McCoy Especia Rojo is a crimson red that amps up any bland dish. It hits your taste buds with subtle hints of guajillo peppers accented by roasted pumpkin seed and cumin, followed by the sweetness of fire roasted red peppers.

Burns & McCoy Gold Seventy-Nine Hot SauceBurns & McCoy Gold Seventy-Nine Hot Sauce
gold 79 hot sauce
Gold Seventy-Nine Hot Sauce Smooth is a bright and beautiful, just like the metal in its name. It’s a mild pepper blend, with a hint of turmeric and mustard, that will leave you craving your next treasure hunt.
For more iBurn deals, keep an eye on ’em hereFor more iBurn deals, keep an eye on ’em here.

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