Hotlix: Who can take a scorpion, cover it with cheese…

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If the Internet has taught me one thing, it’s that people will put anything in their mouths. Apparently, the people at Hotlix know that too. Hell, they count on it. For over 20 years, they’ve made all kinds of weird candy out of all kinds of weird things, ranging from gold dust to insects.
We’ve all heard of bug candy. Some of us have probably even had the guts to try stuff like this:

They sent us a sample of the BBQ Larvets to try. I’m waiting for April Fool’s Day to put them in a chow mein casserole but that’s another story. What really got my attention on their website was this:

Yep, scorpion lollipops. Hotlix sells their products individually but you can also get them by the display box. They’d be a great gift for all the little bad kids come Christmas time. You can also buy more normal candy, like habanero suckers.

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