Happy Halloween, Everybody!

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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Halloween. It’s like the appetizer before Thanksgiving and Christmas, only with costumes and a tad more Gothic. Unfortunately, it also marks the end of the traditional grilling/barbecue/chile season.
That might be bad news for us if we were lazy or less creative. Instead, we look at this as the hill climb setting on a Stairmaster–we’re going from the easy level pace of summer to a more uphill battle of keeping you interested in what many consider the off season for fiery cooking.
To that end, we’ll be bringing back some favorites we’ve run in the past, like the Gourdzilla pumpkin smoker how-to here. Over the next three weeks, we’ll also share ideas for spicy pumpkin seeds, adding recipes for smoked pumpkin, and playing around with Sizzlin’ Sauces’ Howlin’ Hollar Hot Sauce with Pumpkin, too. Be sure to check back in with us every couple of days for ways to heat up Halloween.

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