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MojitoR-EvolutionKit_zpsbbc09347I’m not quite sure what this kit is supposed to do but Molecule-R sure is amped about it. It’s the company that makes the R-Evolution mixology kit and hopefully it kicks us one of these little chemistry sets to play with in my home lab.

Regardless, the Cocktail R-Evolution kits were made to bring mixological (no, that’s not a word, grammar cop) to classic cocktails like the mojito, margarita, and cosmopolitan.

MargaritaR-EvolutionPieces_zps6021c6feOr, as Molecule-R told us, “Innovation, experimentation and fun are the core of these avant-garde Cocktail R-Evolution kits. Designed for those who wish to replicate the cutting edge cocktails of the trendiest mixologists at home, the three do-it-yourself cocktail kits contain all one needs to dabble with the art of molecular mixology: pre-measured sachets of natural food additives, the essential molecular gastronomy tools, and an easy step-by-step recipe booklet. Add a modern twist and top your margarita with a light tasty citrus foam, encapsulate a cosmopolitan into a sphere that will burst in your mouth or create suspending mint caviars.”

The bottom line: this setup costs $29.99-$74.99 depending on which of the drinks you’re trying to dress up. If you don’t want wait for me to test one, you can check the Cocktail R-Evolution here.


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