Holiday Heat: Give the Gift of SaucePack

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IMG_8802Ah, Christmas shopping. It’s the MMA part of the holiday season, from the first Black Friday fisticuff to the last battle for mall parking on Christmas Eve. Someday, when I’ve completely sold out, I may produce “Pay-Per-View Holiday Shopping Extreme: Christmas Smackdown.” Until that time, I’ll stick to avoiding holiday headache with gifts like SaucePack, here.

It’s a monthly subscription service providing quality hot sauces to your favorite chilehead. We ran a press release from them a few weeks ago and last week they sent us a sample pack for review. It’s pretty much what you’d get if you paid for the service: three bottles of hot sauce, along with recipe and description cards for each one.

IMG_8804I was pretty impressed with what I got: Jehu Hot Sauce Smoked Apple, Sizzlin’ Sauces Halloween Hollar, and Chelsea Fire Wicked Hot Sauce.  That’s a pretty interesting cross section of fire: fruit-based, pumpkin-based, and lava-based. Not only that, the price is pretty good for what you get: $25 a month for the three sauces with free shipping. If you get a selection this diverse month-to-month, you (or the hot saucephile on your list) will probably be pretty happy with the purchase.

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