3 Great Articles to Spice Up Spring

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I’m still coming off of the high from the Fiery Foods Show. For me, it marks the start of spring and gets me amped for all the tacos, barbecue, and other outdoor eating in the months to come. Here are a few of my favorite articles from our Supersite that I go to when this mood kicks in.

1Cooking with the Super-Hot Chiles
Lying in politics is less popular than superhot chiles are right now. Dave DeWitt’s how-to on handling these hottest of hotties gives great advice turning them into mash, juicing them, and includes recipes to match.

2The Fiery Foods of Spring
I’m going to guess your latest chile garden probably hasn’t sprouted pods yet. Here, we offer up Dave’s take on what makes for awesome spicy spring eating, from soup and salad to taters, fish, and even barbecued kid (goat, not brat).

3Mango Madness!
Mango makes me think of summer. If you feel the same way, you’ll love this story. Dave ventured into growing mangoes several years back. Not only does he walk you through his quest for growing his favorite fruit, he ends it with the spicy bang of recipes for pineapple-mango salsa soup, a green mango chutney, kabobs, chicken, and more.

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