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I’m still a little sore from the good squeezing I got from the IRS this year but with plenty of juice and cookies, this stone’s blood flow will be back to normal real soon. Here are a couple of barbecue news bits for your reading pleasure.

1Mike’s Vertical Grill
Introducing Mike’s Vertical Grill – the only grill that uses two charcoal chambers to cook meat on both sides to lock in the juice, provide real BBQ taste, and cook food in half the normal time. At least, that’s what the press release says. Whether or not it actually does all of those things is another question. Looking for a healthier way to grill his favorite meats without creating the carcinogens that adhere to grilled grub, Mike Esposito was unimpressed by existing electric grills. Traditional charcoal or gas grills, even the most expensive, still caused flare-ups when fat hit the fire below. So he invented his own.

wood_mesquite_chipsSouthern Discomfort
In an effort to gouge money from backyard pitmasters entering short competitions, Florida law enforcement is using an archaic law they found either in a dusty book or Mordor. It says that any backyard cooker entered into a competition lasting less than three days is subject to inspection and the owner has to pay for the privilege. Any time someone with a “backyard” smoker goes to compete, they have to shell out a $90 inspection fee. Find out more here.

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