Grilling Pimpalicious

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Brothel owners rejoice! There’s finally a backyard grill worthy of your leopard print hats. BeefEater Barbecues in Australia has made the world’s first fully operational gold barbecue. It’s a solution to that age-old dilemma faced by successful pimps going all the way back to the ancient 1970s: “How do I stand out from my brother pimps when we all have big flashy Cadillacs?” Now you can have a gold grill in your mouth AND on your patio!

“But, Mark,” you ask, “Is it real? Can I actually have a working backyard grill that’s every bit as garish as the gigantic lion-headed gold ring on my pimp hand?” Hell, yeah. BeefEater commissioned the glittering grill in time for the Sydney Home Show as a wacky and fun way to celebrate being named the World’s Finest Barbecue in a global review of the world’s finest luxury products across a number of categories.

The unique barbecue features a six-burner barbecue and wok burner, roasting hood and warming rack, high output burners, quartz start ignition, vaporizer grid and reflector system, all individually plated in 24-carat gold. Since making its debut in Sydney, the golden grill has fired up barbecue fanatics (and pimps) across the globe, from Germany, the UK, Dubai and the US. You can get one for right around $165,000.

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