Chinese Man Eats 5 Lbs of Chile Peppers A DAY

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Spicy Hot Bhut Jolokia Ghost PeppersAccording to a report from The Daily Mail, a man in China downs five pounds of chiles each and every day. I don’t eat five pounds of food each day, let alone all chile peppers, all the time.

If the report is true, America, we need to work hard to maintain chile-gorging superiority. The man, Li Yongzhi, is being called “the king of chiles.” Here in the U.S., we have The Pope of Peppers and unless you’re in England, a pope outranks a king. While that’s good enough in the short term, will future generations still have the edge over China when it comes to downing spicy food? Perhaps we should start training our children early. Oh, I know! We could add Carolina Reapers to school lunch programs, maybe even preschool.

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Eye of the Tiger, Elsa. That Scorpion salsa ain’t gonna finish itself.

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