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New York Steak, Western-style

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I’ve tried coming up with a term for my way of breaking down a whole strip. Cowboy or California cut doesn’t really do it justice although it is a distinctly western piece of beef. In the end it ends up looking like a sirloin strip or club steak with more marbling and a distinct bit of fat on one end.

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Grindhouse: Pasilla Peppers with Habanero Chorizo Stuffing

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Chorizo sausage is a great idea on paper, but it’s often a lousy idea in plastic. You’d think Mexican (or Spanish) spices and ground pork would be hard to mess up. Yet every time I bite into the grease-laden, second-class meat product from a plastic wrapper that passes for chorizo at my local supermarket, the maker finds new and exciting ways to disappoint me. That’s part of the reason I got my mitts on a Cabela’s Pro Series motorized meat grinder. The other was so I can make my own pepperoni, Christmas breakfast sausage, and ground bacon burgers, but that’s at least two other stories.