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The Korean Staple: Kimchi

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Kimchi (also known as gimchi) and Korean food in general are not cuisines that I have experienced often as a Native New Mexican. Most of the kimchi I had tried were American variations and therefore I was not entirely sure what kimchi was supposed to taste like. When I found out I’d be relocating to South Korea at the end of last year one of the things that I was most excited about was the opportunity to sample some authentic Korean food, including the national dish, kimchi. Once I arrived in Korea I found the cuisine to be somewhat intimidating, with all kinds of smells and flavors that my palate was not used to. Kimchi in Korea has a much more aromatic (also could be described as strong) smell than what I’ve had in the U.S. and it is everywhere you go.

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Hunting Chicken of the Woods in Alaska

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Late August is the time of year when the day-glo orange-and-yellow fungus called Chicken of the Woods crops up on the dead and dying trees in the deep woods. I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days wandering the forest around Juneau, Alaska, where I went hunting for some of this edible mushroom.