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Grilling With Liquor for Beginners

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As I began to grill myself in my younger years, I encountered folks who had their own unique ways of using liquor to jazz up the meats they cooked. Still, many people never even bother trying to marinate, or otherwise beef up their….beef. So I thought I’d give 3 ways to marinating your meats with Grandpa’s Cough Medicine of various sorts, for a similar cost as your usual marinades.

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Smoking Takes Practice

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I’ve discovered that I can smoke two large slabs of St. Louis-style ribs and four large chicken breasts at the same time in about 3 to 4 hours. That beats the hell out of 16-hour briskets. Not that I have anything against briskets–it’s all about staying awake, and frankly that’s a pain in the ass when you’re a senior smoker like me.

Barbecue Styles Explained

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I expect a lot of services from an insurance company–motorcycle, car, house, boat, Sharknado, just to name a few. I don’t ask them for barbecue advice, well, ever. My insurance agent could be the best rib smoker on the West Coast but I’d never know because our worlds don’t intersect that way. Still, Titan Insurance took it on themselves to put out this handy graphic guide to ‘cue styles around the country. Check it out.