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Scovie Early Bird Deadline Looms

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Yeah, I know the post title makes it sound like the Scovie Award deadline marks the start of the apocalypse. For as cool as it would be to rush out and stock up on canned goods and weapons as zombies roam the streets during Yellow Stone belching forth its super volcanic heartburn, don’t trade your Bitcoin in for gold coins and camping supplies yet. Just know that in less than a week, the Early Bird discount on your Scovie entries goes away.
2019 Scovie logo
Right now, all entries into the Scovie Awards are just $10. In addition to our Fiery Foods Division and Barbecue Division, we now have a Savory Division where any non-spicy gourmet food can be entered; even sweets. You can see our Plan Your Entries for the categories. Watch how the Scovies are judged here for insight into how the winners are determined and enter here to get into the running. Early Bird pricing ends July 11th!

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