2020 scovie awards

Why We Expanded Some Scovie Categories

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You may have noticed that some of the 2020 Scovie Award categories are going through a growing phase only without the voice changes and body hair. Scovie Awards Producer Emily DeWitt-Cisneros explains why.
2020 scovie awards
“The simple answer is that some categories had too many entries. For example, in the 2019 competition, the category Hot Sauce Specialty Chile had 42 entries, which was excessive. We expanded it, adding “Mild/Medium,” “Hot,” and “Extra Hot” subcategories and increasing your chances to win.”
We are daring inviting you to compete in the 2020 Scovie Awards Competition. We are now accepting Early Bird Entries. If you enter now, you can save $10 per entry. To check out all the categories and plan your entries, go here.
For the 2020 Scovie Awards, we have added 18 new categories, with ten of those in the hot sauces. We have consolidated the Soups & Stews and Chili con Carne categories and expanded the Jams & Jellies category. This will increase your chances to win because you will have fewer competitors in those categories. We have also added a Kid Friendly category. Enter today by going here.

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