Where to Find Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Seeds?

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The Trinidad Scorpion chile, named for the little tail on the pod along with its ferocious sting.

A reader recently asked us where to find seeds for the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” strain, among the world’s hottest. By the time you read this, another chile may hold the current world’s record, and we’re not convinced that Guinness really knows how to rate superhot chiles anyway. But we don’t argue that these muthas are hot enough to hurt you.

Refining Fire Chiles has one of the most extensive offerings of hot chile plants and seeds anywhere on the web. Habanero, Bhut Jolokia, Congo Pepper; all the usual suspects are featured, along with some you don’t see every day—like the Yucatan White Habanero.

They offer the Butch T seeds, $9.99 for 10 seeds. Plants are also available at certain times of the year, but are currently out of stock.

The website has an entire page dedicated to information on how to handle superhot chiles, which is worth reading. Not only can the intense levels of capsaicin cause contact skin burns, the fumes generated during cooking can affect everyone in the house.

In addition to his pioneering work in growing and promoting superhot chiles, Refining Fire founder Jim Duffy contributes a great deal of energy to supporting a San Diego, California-based organization called Youth Venture, which operates youth centers throughout the area. As Duffy writes on his website, “My inspiration came from God, the one who made chiles.” Amen to that.


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