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The Italian Job: Adding a Little Mojo to Grilled Sausage Sammiches

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Usually when you hear the word “tapenade” spoken while watching football or basketball, it’s grounds for revoking one’s man card. This tradition goes back to the cavemen, who, not having olive spread handy, never used it on charred mammoth. Thus, a tasty sammich spread never found its way into the manly lexicon of acceptable condiments (unlike ketchup and mustard, which as we all know, occurred naturally in large pools back then—I saw that on Fox News, so it must be true).

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Making a Pumpkin Smoker

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Three years ago, I started turning monster pumpkins into smokers for Halloween. Not only was it a good excuse to play with freakishly large vegetables, it was an even better excuse to put an attractive woman into a devil outfit and take pictures for the blog. I also like the idea of food that smokes itself. The basic idea was simple. Clean out the pumpkin, cut holes in the top and bottom, and place it over a small electric hot plate as the basis for the smoker.

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Frankenburger: Our In Vitro Burger Recipe

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Dutch scientist Mark Post and his team are all set to fry up and serve the world’s first stem cell-grown hamburger for two lucky taste testers to try. While everyone else is wondering how it will taste, I think the bigger question is, how long is it before Frankenburger turns bad, kills a villager, and gets its creators killed by a mob wielding pitchforks and torches? It’s thoughts like this that keep me up late at night.

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A Pellet Smoker Simplifies Barbecue

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I gave up smoking meat a few years ago because it was getting to be too much trouble. First I had to locate the wood, which meant calling firewood lots and asking if they had any pecan or fruit woods around. And then, during the smoking process, was the constant adding of the wood to the firebox, which interrupted anything else I was trying to do. The best time to smoke was during a football game when I could add wood during the timeouts for commercial breaks. But football isn’t on during the summer, which is the traditional time for smoking. Finally, I gave it up and just went to the Pork and Brew Cookoff and bought a year’s supply of pulled pork and brisket from my friends, the Texas Rib Rangers.