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Capsaicin: Living Hot is Living Healthy

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Yet again it looks like the spice is right as recent research suggests an incredibly wide scope in health benefits associated with the consumption of hot chile peppers. Not only do many varieties of fresh chiles contain considerable amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E, it’s also been found that capsaicin (the active chemical component responsible for the fire in chilies) contributes positively to human health on its own.

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Cube Chile: Resistance is Futile

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… or is there a Chili’s Cube? According to a press release on April 1st, scientists have succeeded in the Dutch Westland in growing a jalapeno version in cube form. It was carried on a gene called A23-157. A tomato breeding, in the form of a cube, succeeded several years ago.

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Frankenburger: Our In Vitro Burger Recipe

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Dutch scientist Mark Post and his team are all set to fry up and serve the world’s first stem cell-grown hamburger for two lucky taste testers to try. While everyone else is wondering how it will taste, I think the bigger question is, how long is it before Frankenburger turns bad, kills a villager, and gets its creators killed by a mob wielding pitchforks and torches? It’s thoughts like this that keep me up late at night.

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Occupy Green Chile

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Normally when a cop whips out his pepper spray on a protester, that protester responds by shaking on the ground for a half hour. In this case, I’m guessing when a cop whips out his pepper spray, the protester whips out his burrito. By “case” I mean the Occupy-esque protest that took place near the end of last year in …