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Frankenburger: Our In Vitro Burger Recipe

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Dutch scientist Mark Post and his team are all set to fry up and serve the world’s first stem cell-grown hamburger for two lucky taste testers to try. While everyone else is wondering how it will taste, I think the bigger question is, how long is it before Frankenburger turns bad, kills a villager, and gets its creators killed by a mob wielding pitchforks and torches? It’s thoughts like this that keep me up late at night.

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Occupy Green Chile

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Normally when a cop whips out his pepper spray on a protester, that protester responds by shaking on the ground for a half hour. In this case, I’m guessing when a cop whips out his pepper spray, the protester whips out his burrito. By “case” I mean the Occupy-esque protest that took place near the end of last year in …

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3-D Foodie Madness

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Three-dimensional food printing may be the ultimate in custom cuisine. 3-D food printers can make little space shuttle-shaped scallop nuggets, or cakes and cookies with edible messages in them. It will even make a solid hamburger patty with layers of ketchup and mustard embedded inside. How did we survive without this?