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Playing with Fire: My Microfarm Experiment

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If you’re a home gardener, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded Zucchini Syndrome. Over-producing squash plants make the zukes faster than your family can eat them. You try to give them away, but no one wants them because they’re now larger than your cat. Well, the same thing can happen to chile plants, which is why I wrote Too Many Chiles with Nancy and Jeff Gerlach. But at least you can dry the chile pods to preserve them—something you can’t do easily with zucchinis and large tomatoes.

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Chamuco’s Tequila: Satan’s Firewater and Five Ways to Drink It

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The Devil and I go way back. Growing up, we ran into each other off and on at elementary school, mostly at the principal’s office. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school when I got a car and a girlfriend that we became BFFs, though. Since then, we’ve had many adventures together. The latest came when Chamuco’s Tequila CEO Mark Howard gave me a bottle of the company’s reposado to review. From the snazzy box to the handmade artisan bottle and all the way to the taste, my old buddy’s touch is definitely evident.