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Barbecue Thanksgiving: The Ultimate Turkey from Ray Lampe

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You can (and should) do an entire Thanksgiving spread via barbecue grill. We know because we did so; just read the whole story. One of the items in that tale was what Dr BBQ himself termed The Ultimate Turkey. That’s a real bold claim, even coming from one of the foremost experts in the world on barbecue. Here’s the recipe so you can try it and tell us if he’s right.

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Flavorize: Dr BBQ Talks About His Latest Book

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With barbecue, much like with good sex, technique makes all the difference. Put the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time and you end up with a bad taste in your mouth. Dr BBQ’s, Flavorize, hones in on a topic barbecuers spend years trying to perfect: the techniques for getting the best flavor into ‘cue. Not cooking itself (although there is plenty of that in the book), but the marinades, injections, brines, rubs, and glazes that bring great flavor to barbecue. I pinned down Ray “Dr BBQ” Lampe for a quick Q&A about the book. Here’s what he had to say.

Barbecue 101: Tips from the Supersite

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Having grilled that screwy rabbit and his basket of eggs last week, barbecue season became official in the Masker house. April being the seasonal starting line for many of us ‘quers, it’s the perfect time to get back to basics as we launch the year’s summer of smoke and fire. With that in mind, here are three articles you may want to check out from our Supersite.

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Barbecue Thanksgiving Part 1: Pulled Pork Stuffing and Gravy

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A few years back, some of our favorite food writers collaborated on a barbecued Thanksgiving on our mother site, the Fiery Foods & Barbecue Super Site. Drawing inspiration from that idea, me and mine cooked up our own take on that awesome theme. Here’s the first part of that big adventure: Dr. BBQ’s pulled pork stuffing and a pulled pork gravy.