northerly farms giveback program

Northerly Farms Launches Program at Arizona Food Banks

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Northerly, a food brand focused on sustainable-growing and eco-friendly practices, was built on giving back. By shortening the supply chain and going direct to consumers, CEO Clayton B. R. Wolfe is able to donate rolled oats for every bag sold. Currently, Northerly’s partners include local food banks, St. Mary’s, the world’s first food bank, United Food Bank, and the largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America.

According to the USDA, a lack of access to fresh, healthy foods contributes to poor diets and higher levels of obesity and other diet-related diseases. Financial stability is among the top obstacles to food access. Northerly is removing that barrier by donating whole grain oats directly to food banks. On February 10, 2020, Northerly completed its first donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank, totaling 11,103 lbs of oats to be distributed directly to St. Mary’s clients and communities.

But the benefits of food banks extend far beyond short-term hunger relief. As Wolfe notes, “Each bag of oats isn’t just a week’s worth of meals; it represents an opportunity. Access to healthy food helps kids focus better in school. It gives many families a chance to regain some financial autonomy. One bag of oats goes a long way—they’re nutrient-dense, shelf-stable, and contain many of the nutrients modern diets lack.”

northerly farms giveback program

Northerly’s sustainability mission means they’re committed to growing nutritious crops, supporting local economies and communities, and championing for farmworker safety. Through the latest in ag technology, Northerly uses land and resources more efficiently, with less pollution, less waste, and higher quality, higher-yield crops. Sustainable agriculture is about feeding the future while growing strong communities.

About Northerly Farms
Northerly is committed to sustainable, precision agriculture. Northerly fuses hands-on, professional farming with education in and understanding of advanced agricultural technology. Northerly meets the highest standards of social and environmental accountability, while putting crops directly into buyers’ hands. | For more information visit,

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