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KCBS Issues BBQ Competition Guidelines During Outbreak

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The coronavirus outbreak has turned into a worldwide pandemic, affecting food competitions (and just about everything else). This morning, the Kansas City Barbecue Society issued its own guidelines for those events that aren’t being canceled during the ordeal.

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We are certainly facing some unprecedented times. As we have previously stated, the Contest Organizers are the entities responsible for their contests. KCBS will work with them to support them in their decisions to postpone or to proceed with their events, depending on when they are scheduled and based upon their direction from local health authorities in their area.
Once contests are able to proceed, KCBS has looked to the U.S. Center for Disease Control for their suggestions on “Steps to Plan, Prepare, and Proceed with a Mass Gathering.”
Please see below for the proactive measures KCBS advises all parties involved in a KCBS-sanctioned contest follow moving forward:

  • All judging surfaces sanitized before judging and between each category (Rep Verified and accepted).
  • Leftovers automatically disposed into trash. No Extras tables.
  • Trash carried out of tent between categories.
  • All judging participants wear gloves, use utensils, and change between categories. (Nitrile) No excuses of allergies to latex etc.
  • Teams Must wear gloves when turning in entries and anti-bacterial wipes will be at the turn-in table and the team must wipe the external surface of the box at the table. (they will have to allow for extra time to make the KCBS window). This will not degrade the styrofoam box.
  • Only essential personnel allowed into the tent. All Judge/Team meetings held as Open Air as possible. If possible, the judging tents if used have at least one open wall.
  • Table Captains will not take a seat in order to create more separation between the judges, i.e. 2 per side and one on each end. Where possible, double tables used so tables are essentially 8′ long and twice as deep.
  • Teams are asked to keep ample personal space during the contest and the prohibition of communal shots, i.e. the good luck shots where someone hosts and shots are poured out of one bottle and plastic cups provided. etc.
  • Organizers are asked to make as much separation as possible of team spaces.
  • If Portable toilets are utilized, a minimum of 1 unit for 10 judges and if portable hand washing stations are used, one wash station for every 12 judges as well. (recommended quantities)
  • Anyone walking into the tent must immediately use hand sanitizer prior to putting on gloves. (exception of those bringing in the trays for turn-in but they must wear gloves.)
  • During Meat Inspection, Team’s prep area must appear sanitary and teams must show possession of Disposable gloves, Sanitary Wipes or Spray, and Hand Sanitizer will be mandatory. If Inspector has a question as to the sanitary condition of the team’s area, the Rep has the final authority to refuse participation with no refund.

These guidelines must be transmitted to the Teams and Judges by the organizer at least 48 hours prior to arrival verified by the Rep via copy on email.

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