popeyes wicked shrimp

Popeyes Launches Spicy Wicked Shrimp

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Two days ago, Popeyes’ Wicked Shrimp hit locations nationwide. But only for a limited time. Apparently, they learned from the whole chicken sammich ordeal and are only letting us feast on them long enough to enjoy but not long enough to wig out and shank anyone over them. In other words, this is a limited time only deal.

popeyes wicked shrimp

Fired up in a mix of Louisiana-esque herbs and spices like onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, bay leaf, salt, pepper, and a touch of sriracha, they should pack a fair amount of flavor with some sweetness and a decent spicy burn. They’re battered with Popeyes’ southern crispy coating, of course.

You can get the Spicy Wicked Shrimp as a 14-piece meal with a regular side, a biscuit, and some Smoky Garlic Tartar sauce. Check out the chain’s website for more information.

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