Hot and Spicy Valentine’s Chocolate Ideas: The Burn! List

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Guys, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Instead of falling into Hallmark’s cash trap and shelling out a small fortune for overpriced chocolate from the local diabetes outlet (yeah, Godiva and See’s, I’m looking at you), save a little money and add a personal touch by making your own spicy chocolate dessert. Here are three articles from the Super Site so you can do just that.

3Sweet Heat for Your Valentine
In this story, Nancy Gerlach details the history of the holiday, going back to St. Valentine himself. Not only that, if cookies and candy are what you’re looking for you’ll find recipes here like Rum Raisin Red Chile Truffles, Chocolate Chile Almond Cookies, and Cascabel Caramel Turtles. 

2Chiles and Chocolate
Titles don’t get any more straightforward than that. Here, Dave DeWitt details “the culinary mating of hot chiles and chocolate.” Culinary mating sounds like the sort of messy fun that results on a good Valentine’s Day to me. Dave tells us about making hot chocolate Montezuma-style, as well as detailed recipes for spicy truffles, cake, pie, and even ice cream. Woo-ha!

1Secret Sweet and Spicy Holiday Cakes
While this story is Christmas-centric, its Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Red Chile Ganache would probably be a huge hit for Valentine’s Day as well. You’ll find that and a few more cake ideas in this article too.




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