mature picked olives

Home-Cured Olives Revisited

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mature picked olives

Mature olives ready to make the deal.

You may remember the article we ran on Harald Zoschke’s home-cured olive how-to.

He’s been busy again.

Since early 2014, Harald and his wife Renate have lived in Northern Italy, at beautiful Garda Lake. This is the world’s northernmost region where olive trees grow (on a commercial scale). Here they have some nice olive trees in their yard, and in early November 2015 they had a wonderful harvest of 12 kg (about 26 lbs.) dark mature olives (cultivar Leccino).

They took 10 kg of their harvest to the local frantoio (olive oil extraction plant), where harvest processing was in full swing, even at night when they arrived (olives need to be processed right after harvest). While farmers delivered 600 to 800 kg of freshly harvested olives in giant palette crates to the scales, the couple stood there with their rather small plastic tub. Nevertheless, they received one liter of local extra virgin olive oil in turn! “That’s much better than olives just falling off the tree and you ‘find’ them later on with your lawn mower”, Harald said. “Also, although it took us hours to pick those olives, it was rewarding to trade them in for oil.”

Or, to put it even more simply:


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