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A Super Hot Ghost Story

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Once upon a time, an innocent blog editor was walking through the dark forest (okay, it wasn’t a forest, it was Twitter), when she was offered a pretty jar of jelly by an evil witch, who told her it was made from ghost peppers (well, it wasn’t actually a witch, it was Suzanne from Suzanne’s Kitchen.

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Hickory Smoked Peanuts? You Bet!

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Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! Now you, too can enjoy the delicious goodness of a great hunk of smoked meat…without the guilt. The geniuses over at Hampton Farms have married the flavor of hickory smoke with dry-roasted peanuts for a truly addictive new snack. In fact, I’m eating them in between sentences at my computer. Now, I’m not generally an in-the-shell-peanut-eating …

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Grilling Pimpalicious

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Brothel owners rejoice! There’s finally a backyard grill worthy of your leopard print hats. BeefEater Barbecues in Australia has made the world’s first fully operational gold barbecue. It’s a solution to that age-old dilemma faced by successful pimps going all the way back to the ancient 1970s: “How do I stand out from my brother pimps when we all have …