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CaJohn’s New Classic Small Batch Sauces | Interview

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The Classic Small Batch line is a return to the pre-superhot days, to recapture what attracted a lot of us to spicy in the first place. Many a chilehead cut his or her tastebuds on the vinegar-and-salt Louisiana-style offerings of Tabasco and the other big boys in the hot sauce world. Classic Small Batch is what happens when a dedicated legend of the chilehead world creates his/her own tabletop hot sauce. Think of Classic Small Batch as a gateway sauce for chiles. The pepper content is higher than you’d find in the mass-produced cousins (42% versus 15% or less). Intrigued by this development, I thought I’d pick CaJohn Hard’s brain about the new lineup.

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Interview: AmberFyre’s Amber Button

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If you’ve run into CaJohn Hard on the hot sauce show circuit, you know he’s partnered up with Amber Button for the AmberFyre product line. I’ve really liked what’s come out of that team up so far, especially the black cherry bourbon barbecue sauce. That said, Amber herself was an unknown to me. CaJohn isn’t one to join forces with just anybody, so I called her up this week for an interview on AmberFyre and her adventures in spicy.

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Tropic Thunder: CaJohn’s Amberfyre: Mango Suave Hot Sauce

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met CaJohn’s Amberfyre: Mango Suave at this year’s Fiery Foods Show and finally had a chance to play with it earlier this week. The pork shoulder in my freezer was begging to be grilled. Going tropical with the puerco is always a good plan, so I paired them up to see if they’d make sweet fiery love over a pile of hot coals. And they did; especially after I made it a culinary threesome with some pineapple chunks on the skewers.