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What Do I Get When I Win a Scovie?

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You’ve probably seen us posting about the annual Scovie Awards, which are ramping up even as we speak. But what happens if you win one? Well, if you’re a first, second, or third place category winner (like Fresh Salsa–Hot), you will receive:

1.  A free listing in the Scovie Awards section of the 33rd annual program of the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show.

2. A colorful physical banner to hang in your display at shows, festivals, flea markets, and other events.

scovie awards

If you’re the Division Winner in the Tasting Division or the Advertising and Marketing Division, you win the above, plus a Disc-It outdoor cooker.  In the 2021 Scovie Awards Competition, 80.159% of the companies entering won at least one award.

We are inviting you to compete in the 2022 Scovie Awards Competition. To check out all the categories and plan your entries, go here

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