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Mole Poblano de Guajolote (Turkey in Chocolate Chile Sauce)

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In an 1870s cookbook from Puebla there were recipes for 44 different moles but only one, Mole Poblano de Guajolote, or turkey in mole sauce, is called the National Dish of Mexico. This mole has descended from an Aztec chilemolli dish and although it’s called poblano, it doesn’t contain any poblano chiles. In this case poblano refers to the people of Puebla, birthplace of this dish. For an authentic taste, lard is used, but if that’s offensive to you, substitute vegetable oil. Also, Mexican chocolate can be used, but if you do, be sure to eliminate the cinnamon from the recipe.

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Chile Chocolate Cake: Recipe

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Over on the Super Site, Harald Zoschke recently related the tale of a trip to Italy to see old friends. While that story makes for fun reading, we just had to share this recipe from it to warm you up. Almost everyone loves chocolate cake and it’s even better with some heat.

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Hot and Spicy Valentine’s Chocolate Ideas: The Burn! List

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Guys, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Instead of falling into Hallmark’s cash trap and shelling out a small fortune for overpriced chocolate from the local diabetes outlet (yeah, Godiva and See’s, I’m looking at you), save a little money and add a personal touch by making your own spicy chocolate dessert. Here are three articles from the Super Site so you can do just that.

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Candied Yams in Kahlua and Chocolate

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Candied yams being a regular cast member of holiday dinner, I like to play around with them each year. Not like some creepy herbophile, just so we’re clear. I like to change them up when I cook ’em. We did Thanksgiving in a Southwestern theme so I had to find a way to make them fit. The solution: Kahlua, baker’s chocolate, and ground red pepper to set off all of that sweetness. And, coincidentally, keep the little kids from eating them all before the grown up kids had a chance to grab a bite.

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Spicy Chocolate Frappe

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One thing I love to do at the Fiery Foods Show is prowl the floor looking for new ways to combine products. This Spicy Chocolate Frappe is the best result I’ve ever had.
It’s a frozen spicy red wine concoction teaming Nectar of the Vine’s Natural Chocolate Martini Frappe mix with CaJohn’s Frostbite Hot Sauce and Sweet & Saucy’s Chipotle Chile Fudge. All three are very tasty in their own rights. When I spliced them together, though, the results were better than I expected.